Myburgh Audio Announces the M28

Berlin, Germany, April 12, 2023: Myburgh Audio is proud to present its new microphone model, the Myburgh M28. Like its older sibling, the successful M1, the M28 has been designed by Andreas Grosser — the world-renowned German microphone designer and repair specialist who sadly passed away last year — and his colleague Eckehard Dux. The M28 is a FET-based microphone with a CK12-inspired capsule. The M28 is not a copy of any existing microphone. Rather, it holds its very own position next to the German and Austrian classics, offering a distinctive and unique voice. It will be on display at the NAMM show in booth #14021.


In 2020, the German high-end brand Myburgh Audio released its first-ever microphone model, the M1. The M1, which is still available, is a tube microphone with an M7-inspired capsule. It builds upon decades of German microphone knowledge, but rather than attempting to copy any previous microphones, it represents a new and fresh take on microphone design.

The New Myburgh M28

The new Myburgh M28 has been created with the same mindset. It uses a German-built capsule inspired by the venerable CK12. It is a FET design — an entirely unique one with a character distinctly different from any other microphone. Still, it comes with all the luxurious quality traits that are associated with the German and Austrian vintage classics. True to the German tradition of offering the ultimate in engineering and craftsmanship, the M28 is a zero-compromise microphone hand-built in Germany and using the finest components available. The M28 is a multi-pattern microphone, although the prototype shown at NAMM has a fixed-cardioid polar pattern.

Andrew Myburgh of Myburgh Audio says:
“The M28 is the latest release in our Heritage Series, using a German-made CK12-style capsule and transformer from Pikatron. This time it is a FET mic, where we have implemented our low noise circuitry with our linear frequency response already enjoyed by many M1 owners worldwide. The M28 is not a FET version of the M1. It is an all-new circuit design, and like the M1, the M28 is not a copy of any other mic on the market.”

Designed by a Legend

Alongside Eckehard Dux, the M28 was designed by Andreas Grosser before his untimely passing in 2022. Andreas Grosser was a highly regarded microphone technician and repair specialist — one of the few trusted by high-end recording studios worldwide to perform maintenance and repairs on their priceless vintage microphones. Myburgh Audio is proud to finally be able to make one of Mr. Grosser’s very last designs available to the world.

Andrew Myburgh says:
“One of the biggest problems Andreas always had with maintaining FET mics is that they often came in for “repair” as they did not power up correctly off the preamp’s 48V. Almost always, this was not an issue with the mic but more that the preamp was underpowering the mic. As a result, the M28 is designed to work off the lowest power we could give it, which is a significant win for those artists or producers who work on the road a lot in different studios.”

Pricing and Availability

The M28’s price has not yet been finalized, but Myburgh Audio is aiming at keeping it around the $3000 mark. Shipping is planned for Q3, 2023. The microphone is on display at the NAMM show in booth #14021. Andrew Myburgh will be present and available for any further information.

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