GENOME Unveiled by Two notes Audio Engineering at NAMM 2024

5-Years in the Making, Two notes’ carrier-class adaptive channel strip features a trifecta of all-new proprietary Engines - alongside their critically-acclaimed DynIR™ technology - for contemporary end-to-end tone shaping and seamless assimilation into virtually any live or studio rig

Saint Gély-du-Fesc - January 25th, 2024 - Two notes Audio Engineering, the world leading innovator and manufacturer of load boxes, attenuators and digital cabinet emulators, has just announced the immediate availability of GENOME.


Hot-on-the-heels of an extensive Beta Testing program, GENOME empowers players of all walks with a carrier-class software ecosystem engineered to deliver the pinnacle in end-to-end tone shaping. Fusing an ever-growing roster of amplifiers, pedals, class-leading virtual cabinets and essential post-FX, GENOME is your first - and final - destination for the ultimate in-the-box or hybrid backline.

Reimagined Workflow

Nothing should stand in the way of your creativity. That’s why GENOME’s interface is expertly-tuned to put your playing - and stellar tone - firmly in the driving seat. GENOME’s familiar Lane-based signal flow complete with 20 component slots makes creating your signature tone a snap. Focus on your performance. Refine your tone. Perfect your delivery. GENOME doesn’t stand in the way of your goal, it works with you to make the sound in your head a reality.
Trade Documentation_Laptop GENOME.pngAI, Unified!

Under the hood, there’s CODEX, a next-gen unification engine, primed to unleash the full-potential of your AI-powered amp & pedal capture arsenal. Featuring complete-compatibility with Neural Amp Modeller (NAM), AIDA-X and Proteus captures, CODEX delivers a suite of custom-engineered FX to surgically adapt and reimagine any static AI model to your exacting needs.

GENOME_GUI carousel_CODEX.pngTSM™ Amplifier Engine

It’s a stone hard fact: the rudiments of stand-out tone start with an expertly tuned Pre- and Poweramp. Two notes’ latest innovation - the Tube-Stage Modeling (TSM™) Amplifier Engine - furnishes players with a suite of pro-grade Preamps, brimming with unique character and inspired by titans in the guitar- and bass-amp annals. Want to mix ‘n match Power Amps to GENOME’s Preamp arsenal? No sweat. Every TSM™ amplifier component features a fully customisable Poweramp - it’s everything you need to dive in and sculpt your tone with 4 separate tube models (6L6, EL34, EL84 and KT88) in Push- Pull / AB class, or Single Ended / A class configurations.
GENOME_GUI carousel_TSM Tanger.pngPEDALS

From a saturated analog delay to a raunchy vintage-inspired overdrive, GENOME’s expanding suite of PEDALS guarantees to add a primo edge to any performance, Taking inspiration from legends in the pedal game, the power tweak your tone with every mainstay control you demand and create your ultimate virtual board is ripe for the taking!
GENOME_GUI carousel_Green Meanie.pngDiscover DynIR™

Conquering the dividing line between sublime authenticity and uncompromising digital emulation, GENOME’s DynIR™ Engine represents the pinnacle in virtual guitar- and bass-cabinet technology. Harnessing power equivalent to 160,000 studio-grade IR files, each Two notes DynIR™ can be shaped to the needs of even the most discerning tone chaser. With 8 mics per cabinet, dual mic-ing and 10K mic positions (both front & back), unleashing your tone and finding your signature sound has never been simpler.
GENOME_GUI carousel_DynIR Engine.pngSTUDIO FX

Total Control - Sublime Definition - Crystalline Clarity. Your tone demands nothing short of perfection. The recipe for a tonal A-Game is simple: GENOME’s suite of studio-grade effects, developed specifically for the forward-thinking player. Whether it’s must-have dynamic control, modulation, spatial effects or corrective processing, GENOME’s STUDIO FX Suite and unique workspaces for Torpedo-embedded hardware, deliver on any mandate.
GENOME_GUI carousel_Studio EQ.png

Additional GENOME Highlights:

• Expertly engineered for both in-the-box and Hybrid rigs, tuned to elevate any amplifier, preamplifier or DI tone with hyper-realistic amp, pedal and cabinet emulation

• Intuitive, guitar-centric interface roots your focus on dialling in the perfect tone

• Optional dual-Lanes for effortless parallel processing

• Expand your library with an ever growing catalogue of components, inspired by household amp-, cabinet- and pedal-manufacturers, plus exclusive captures from legendary Two notes artists

• Includes 5 DynIR™ Captures, 40 Microphones, a comprehensive CODEX capture assemblage, 12 PEDALS, 12 TSM™ Amplifiers, 17 STUDIO FX and countless RIGS for immediate creative potential from the get-go!

• Available for MacOS X & Windows (64- and 32-bit) operating systems in VST3, AU, AAX & VST formats.

“5-years ago, we kicked-off a project to re-imagine our long-standing studio mainstay, Wall of Sound. Today, we unleash GENOME - the latest pillar in the ever-expanding Two notes ecosystem. Powered by the CODEX, Tube Stage Modelling™, PEDAL and DynIR™ engines, GENOME’s expanding component arsenal and player-centric workflow deliver the epitome of a contemporary carrier-class tone shaping ecosystem. Whether it’s an Amp DI, a modeling processor, an Amp Sim or a DI instrument feed, GENOME is primed and ready to elevate your sonics with all our tone-bending knowhow. Better yet, we’re just getting started. With a feature-packed roadmap across 2024, backed by an onslaught of component releases, GENOME is poised to become the beating heart of your rig and the definitive virtual backline.” Guillaume Pille, Two notes CEO
GENOME is available immediately from Two notes directly for just 79.99€/$79.99. All existing registered Two notes software and Torpedo-embedded hardware users (inclusive of partner releases featuring Two notes embedded technology) are eligible for a free lifetime licence to GENOME. A free 14-day trial is also available for new customers and non-qualifying Two notes account holders.

For more information, to demo and purchase GENOME please visit:

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