Protection Racket Upgrade Proline Range Of Drum Cases

Press Release – 5th September 2017

Protection Racket’s upgraded and redesigned Proline range now features an improved clearer labeling system making drum identification simpler and a highly practical ‘Egg’ shaped Tom case to improve packing.Designed to significantly improve fit and reduce cases of misidentification, the new Proline line-up helps speed up packing and unpacking as well as assisting drummers to know exactly what they have and where it is.

All Proline Tom cases have been remodeled and are now a funky “Egg” shape guaranteeing a perfect tailored fit for toms with or without suspension mounts.

The main silicone label on each case now clearly states the type of drum and size it’s designed to carry and protect, for instance TOM, 12” x 9”. This information is now larger and easier to read. The label continues to feature the iconic PR man.

Each luggage tab is now a silicone label and incorporates the immediately recognisable Protection Racket ovals. These are a more durable, hardwearing replacement for their woven predecessors.

All relevant product and barcodes continue to be printed on a barcode sticker on the new swing tag applied to every Proline product.

Whether travelling or storing drum cases these discreet, important changes make drums easily identifiable at a glance seriously reducing cases of misidentification and loss.

Built for the long haul, the fresh new appearance and shape of the Proline range of drum cases is the latest in a long line of road tested improvements bought to you by Protection Racket since 1994. See the full Proline line-up at and