SOLAR GUITARS Announces New Signature Guitar for Patrik Jensen of THE HAUNTED/WITCHERY

Solar Guitars announces the addition of Patrik Jensen, recognized as a member of notable Swedish metal groups The Haunted and Witchery, as the newest member of the Solar Guitars artist family with a new Signature Series guitar.

The Solar E1.6 Jensen is based on the Solar Type E model and includes a comfortable, mean and sharp-looking armrest, 22 super jumbo frets, 24 3/4” scale, EMG85/81 pickups, black open pore swamp ash body and Patrik Jensen’s “impact wave” fret markers and full-size side blocks.

“With my new Solar E1.6 Jensen guitar, I finally have an instrument that combines all the hardware features I expect from an exceptional guitar. Not only does the guitar look amazing, but the guitar also plays with such ease that I can fully focus on getting the most out of the songs I play, rather than having to focus on getting the guitar to do what I want…” says Patrik Jensen.

See the official launch video here:

The Solar E1.6 Jensen street price is USD/EURO 999.00 and is immediately available from the Solar Guitars store and selected dealers.

Solar Guitars is owned by Solar Guitars S.L., located in Sant Gregori, Spain. Solar Guitars, S.L. is an international guitar company that manufactures and distributes products worldwide.

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