Avid Empowers Creative Professionals with New Pro Tools, Media Composer, and Sibelius Editions for Any Artist

Las Vegas - Avid®, the platform that powers media and entertainment, unveiled an unprecedented expansion of its Creative Tools Family, providing access to Avid’s iconic Pro Tools®, Media Composer® and Sibelius® software for creative individuals at any stage of their career and teams of any size. To help users deliver their best work, Avid also introduced the Avid Connect App, which will be available to all of Avid’s 1.4 million account holders this summer, delivering a centralized “one-stop” experience for artists to find, connect and collaborate with each other on any PC, iOS or Android device.

“By expanding our extensive creative tools, we’re giving artists a complete set of solutions that grow with them, from the time they start out, to the moment they enter the professional arena, to when they are at the top of their career,” said Alan Hoff, Vice President of Market Solutions at Avid. “Hundreds of thousands of aspiring creatives have already started their careers on the right path with our free First products, and now we’re offering that opportunity to the music notation community.”

Avid’s Sibelius, Media Composer and Pro Tools solutions are each available in three editions for creative individuals and teams at any stage in their career.

The New Pro Tools Family
The Pro Tools family provides the tools to create music or sound for film and television while connecting users with a premier network of artists, producers and mixers around the world.

  • With more than 650,000 downloads since its introduction, Pro Tools | First allows creators just beginning their journey in recording and production to compose, record, mix and collaborate in the cloud with a streamlined creative toolset built on industry-standard Pro Tools—for free.
  • For musicians, composers, engineers and mixers who need to take their creativity to the next level, Pro Tools delivers the industry’s most powerful, comprehensive and trusted audio and MIDI toolset.
  • Pro Tools | Ultimate is the definitive and comprehensive toolset for music and audio post-production, and now includes the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle as well as Pro Tools | MachineControl. It also offers cloud collaboration enhancements and immersive sound mixing integrations with Dolby Atmos to handle the demands of the world’s most respected content creators in music, film, and television.

The New Media Composer Family
Media Composer editions afford editors at all stages in their careers access to the industry-standard editing software used by top film, TV and broadcast editors:

  • Since its introduction a year ago, Media Composer | First already has more than 100,000 activations. For editors just beginning their journey, it delivers a complete yet streamlined creative toolset for free.
  • Media Composer is for professional editors and filmmakers who work independently and need advanced editing tools. This new subscription version of Media Composer starts at under $20/month, and offers the complete feature set, with up to 24 video tracks, 64 audio tracks, and unlimited bins. It features a newly refined user interface for more powerful video editing and support for 4K, 8K and HDR, giving independent editors the tools to maximize their creative talent and stay ahead of the competition. These latest features, which are automatically delivered via a cloud subscription, are available now.
  • For the very best in post-production, Media Composer | Ultimate empowers creative teams with access to Avid's unparalleled collaborative capabilities, adds support for shared storage, and includes game-changing tools like Media Composer | ScriptSync® Option and Media Composer | PhraseFind™ Option to accelerate the editing process and make the most of every spoken word in a project.

The New Sibelius Family
The world’s best-selling music notation software, Sibelius, is now available in three editions for creating captivating scores more quickly than ever before:

  • Following the success of Avid’s free First products, which are now used by hundreds of thousands of artists, aspiring music creatives will have access to a free version of Sibelius with the new Sibelius | First (available later this quarter). Designed for everyone from students to seasoned musicians, Sibelius | First delivers a streamlined notation toolset based on Sibelius and includes many of the same features, including music composition transcription, editing and unique cloud-based workflows.
  • Sibelius, the notation software of choice for musicians, composers, orchestrators and students who want to produce richly-detailed scores, offers cloud sharing, and augmented notation capabilities so users can quickly and easily share and review scores anywhere.
  • From concert halls and scoring stages, to sheet music stores and classrooms, Sibelius | Ultimate is the go-to notation software that professionals rely on most. Sophisticated yet easy-to-use, Sibelius | Ultimate is a powerful tool enabling users to create complex arrangements with an unlimited number of instruments, and to orchestrate high-quality, professional scores.

Introducing the new Avid Connect App for the Artist Community and Marketplace
In addition to providing artists with a complete set of creative tools, Avid is also helping them to manage their creative lives with the new Avid Connect App for the Avid Artist Community and Marketplace.
“Having the best tools is only half the story. Whatever level artists are at, they need to get noticed in order to win steady work and collaborate with great people,” added Hoff. “Avid is in a unique position to bring together artists in the vast community of talented musicians, composers and sound mixers, editors, graphics designers and others who may just be getting started or enjoying decades of success. The powerful new Avid Connect App opens up the Artist Community—which already has more than 45,000 audio members—to everyone in the community, giving audio and video creatives a place to connect.”

Coming in summer 2018, the Avid Connect App is an artist’s personalized connection into the most talented and diverse Artist Community and Marketplace from wherever they are—from their computers, mobile devices, and within their Avid creative tools (Pro Tools, Media Composer, and Sibelius). The app provides immediate access to everything an artist needs such as their profile, connections, projects and products.

Artists can build a profile to help others find them based on their skills for job or collaboration opportunities. They can invite other like-minded users to connect, message and collaborate. Accessing the new Lounges provides a place to help, meet others and give feedback on different topics. Artists can also browse the Avid Marketplace to purchase Avid or partner products to expand their creative toolset.

To learn more about Avid’s creative tools, please visit www.avid.com.