Carvin Amps: New X1 All Tube Preamp Pedal Now Available

San Diego, CA – August 30, 2018 – Offering guitar players ultimate tone control in a compact pedal format, Carvin Amps’ new X1 All Tube Preamp Pedal is now available. The X1 brings the legendary heritage of the X100B guitar amp tone and controls in a new all-tube pedal design.

The X1 boasts two channels of iconic tone controlled by the MASTER volume. The RHYTHM channel gives you epic clean tones while the LEAD channel brings the classic overdrive tone that made its predecessor, the X100B, a legend. Activate the GAIN switch for even hotter leads.

The X1 has unique features that make this pedal a must-have for the serious guitarist. The small size and portability are perfect for touring- take your tone anywhere you gig!

• 5 band graphic EQ for ultimate tone shaping
• Full preamp with real 12AX7 tubes
• 2 channels, 1 master plus a gain switch
• Original X100B tone circuits give you the same tone as the iconic X100B amp
• 1-watt power amp- perfect for late night practice sessions that don’t wake the neighbors
• Effects loop- gives you the ability to patch in your favorite effects right into the pedal and can be controlled by the LOOP switch.
• Cabinet voiced output emulates the response of a 2x12 or 4x12 guitar cabinet. Perfect for performing or recording when your favorite guitar cab is not available.
• Total flexibility- use it as a stompbox, go directly into the mixing board, plug your headphones in to practice, or use it to drive your favorite guitar amp. Perfect for both the stage and studio.

See the demo video here:

The X1 All Tube Preamp Pedal is assembled in the USA. MAP is $449.

Order now at

Also available at Sam Ash Music Stores.

About Carvin Corp.
Since its launch in 1946, Carvin Corporation has specialized in designing and selling premium amplifiers and audio equipment for the professional musician and sound engineer. Carvin Corporation is family owned and operated.

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