F-ONE Unfinished Fretboard Care Kit

December 16, 2019, Sonoma, CA Music Nomad Equipment Care www.MusicNomadCare.com. Keeping a cleaned and conditioned fretboard will not only improve playability and string life but prolong the health of the unfinished fretboard wood by keeping it from drying and cracking. How do you do this you ask? With Music Nomad’s new FONE Unfinished Fretboard Care Kit. Each kit contains one F-ONE Fretboard Oil, Fretboard Brush, and a 2 ‘n 1 Fretboard Cloth. Music Nomad’s F-ONE Unfinished Fretboard Care Kit contains everything you need to clean and condition your unfinished fretboard.

The F-ONE Fretboard Oil is formulated using a complex mixture of the finest ultra-refined tree and seed oils to clean, condition, and protect your fingerboard. F-ONE Oil does not contain any lemon oil extracts, waxes, petroleum distillates, silicone, or water. The innovative 2 ‘n 1 microfiber fretboard cloth is like no other. One side is soft for gentle applying and cleaning with the F-ONE Oil, while the other side is designed with small scrubbers woven into the fabric to penetrate and lift dirt and grime buildup off the fretboard. The specially designed fretboard brush is the perfect tool for precision cleaning and conditioning around the frets and deeper wood pores. Featuring a “V-Cut" bristle design and a bonus plastic scraper, you’re fully prepared to give your fretboard the total spa treatment it deserves