Four new products designed to empower modern audio professionals announced by Focusrite Pro

New introductions designed to empower modern audio professionals

Focusrite Pro proudly announces four new products, designed specifically to meet the needs of modern audio professionals. They include updates to the Red range of Thunderbolt™ interfaces, a brand new desktop monitor controller and two updated RedNet audio interfaces.

Red 8Line

First up is Red 8Line, a new addition to the hugely powerful Red range of Pro Tools™ | HD, Thunderbolt™ and Dante® audio interfaces. Red 8Line is the best choice for professionals who work in Pro Tools | HD and other DAWs — on both Mac and PC, thanks to the new Windows 10 drivers for Thunderbolt 3-equipped PC users. With mini-DigiLink, Thunderbolt 3 and Dante connections, it’s possible to instantly switch between Pro Tools, other DAW applications, and a vast world of Audio-over-IP, without the need to reconfigure audio settings. Pair it with the new RedNet R1 desktop remote controller, for an incredibly powerful user experience.

Availability: November 2020

RedNet R1

RedNet R1 is a desktop remote controller that supercharges any Red range interface, by enabling audio professionals to interact with their audio like never before. It can control a range of different monitor output setups, ranging from mono through to 7.1.4 surround, including Dolby Atmos® and other immersive audio workflows. Alternatively, completely custom setups of up to 12 outputs can be configured for bespoke speaker configurations.

RedNet R1 can be used to control groups of outputs from a Red interface’s multitude of sources and destinations, including Pro Tools | HD and other DAWs, analogue inputs and outputs, ADAT and S/PDIF connections, and from entire Dante Audio-over-IP ecosystems, simultaneously and interchangeably. Top-panel control includes level, reference level preset selection, cut, dim, mute and a variety of solo modes. There’s also an A/B functionality for switching between numerous monitoring presets, and up to four fold-down presets allow for quickly checking downmixes.

RedNet R1 also features Dante-enabled talkback, an internal mic and an XLR input for connecting an external mic, and a high-powered headphones output, so users can interact with their Dante system like never before. Up to four talkback destination groups are available when used with a Red interface (when used with other Dante devices, a single talkback group is available). RedNet R1 features two LCD displays for highly accurate level metering of the outputs, sources and headphone outputs, and for giving visual cues for easily navigating menus.

The unit is configured using RedNet Control, the software manager designed primarily for ease of use in quickly setting up both simple and complex monitoring and routing configurations. Other features of the RedNet R1 include a quarter-inch jack socket, which accepts a footswitch for talkback management, LFE muting and more. It can be powered via Ethernet to reduce cabling complexity (using the PoE standard), or by supplied DC power supply.

Availability: November 2020

RedNet A16R MkII & RedNet D16R MkII

Lastly, updates to the popular RedNet A16R and RedNet D16R Dante interfaces bring new functionality that makes them even more versatile for audio professionals in mission-critical scenarios. The new MkII models — RedNet A16R MkII and RedNet D16R MkII — share the same feature set as their predecessors, but are upgraded with individual level controls for input and output channels. This allows precise calibration of all inputs and outputs, making the process of accurate alignment of connected equipment more straightforward.
RedNet A16R MkII is a 16x16 line-level analogue interface, which is perfect for getting 16 channels of analogue audio on or off a Dante Audio-over-IP network.

RedNet D16R MkII is a 16x16 AES3 interface — ideal for interfacing between digital audio equipment such as consoles and power amplifiers, and a Dante network. Both units feature dual PSUs and primary and secondary networks, for redundant operations, with audio switchover in case of power loss or network failure, making them ideal for critical path applications, such as broadcast, live sound and post production.

Availability: Available now

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