FeelYourSound updates ChordPotion melody generator plug-in to v2.2.0

FeelYourSound has released version 2.2.0 of its MIDI sequencer and effect plug-in ChordPotion (VST + AU).

ChordPotion is a composition and performance tool. It can turn any chord progression into new riffs and melodies within seconds.

The new version adds different options to not only work with chord notes but to create melodies with other scale notes as well. You can mix and combine the different sequencer modes to create even more sophisticated melodies and phrases.

New in ChordPotion 2.2.0:

- Extended step effect options for "Move note": Many different scale options like "Move to close scale tonic".
- New CFX: Repeat last note trigger (except 'resume').
- New CFX: Replace with scale notes.
- New step effect: "Add extra note".
- Press Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Win) in the sequencer editor to create a copy of steps or step effects.
- Cleaner UI (unused rows hide their elements now).
- Moved page actions (copy, paste, load, save) from buttons to an icon menu (click on the clipboard icon to find them).
- Bugfix: CFX "Do this on chord change -> Stop all playing notes" didn't always stop all playing notes (especially when the step effect "Resume playing notes" was used).
- Windows: Installer remembers the plug-in directories from now on.

Price: $55 / €45. The update is free for all customers.

Watch the tutorial here:

A demo is available at https://feelyoursound.com/chordpotion/