Bristol, UK - 24th February 2022 - Modal Electronics, a leading global synthesiser manufacturer, has just announced an all-new firmware update for their critically-acclaimed feature-packed ARGON-Series synthesisers. Never content with a static approach to product development - and directly responding to the needs of their global user community - Modal Electronics’ ARGON-Series firmware v2.6 adds a raft of new forward-thinking features that guarantee to supercharge user’s creative output like never before.


New in Firmware v2.6
Firmware v2.6 adds 12 new Wavetable Banks containing 60 all-new Waveforms. Now, producers, performers and sound designers can experience immediate access to two independent wave-groups each containing 180 carefully crafted wavetables split into 36 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets; there's even an additional PWM bank and three noise/modulation banks accessible on wave-group 2. In addition, users can now effortlessly link OSC2 tuning to be linked to OSC1 frequency via a handy OSC2 Tune Mode control. Fuse all of this with 32 static wavetable modifiers, including, de-rez, wave folders, waveshapers, phase shapers and rectify, all of which can be applied to the 180 wavetables - not to mention eight types of oscillator modifier - and the sonic possibilities are virtually limitless.

About the ARGON Series
Discover the colourful sound of the ARGON series of wavetable synthesisers. Meticulously designed and engineered to perfection, these instruments are a treasure trove for every musician looking to separate from the pack with elegant sonic textures.

Leaning on the heritage of Modal Electronic's legendary 00 series synthesisers, the ARGON Series are modern wavetable synths for music performers, producers and sound designers. Fusing a transparent and rich sound, an array of real-time controls, MPE support, a clear structured user interface and integrated performance tools, The ARGON Series are a unique collection of instruments designed to deliver an unmatched sonic experience.

Modal Argon Synth. 10 Jan 2020. Bristol

With over 1,000 ARGON8 sounds available for free from Modal Electronic's website, sound designers, producers and performing musicians are provided with a wide range of exciting synthesiser sounds to inspire music production and sound creation.

The free MODALapp brings the comfort of screen-based editing of all ARGON Series parameters to your computer or mobile device. Available as a standalone app for macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS or Android systems and in VST3 and AU plug-in formats, it is the perfect companion for synth enthusiasts looking to deep dive to all sound forming and performance parameters to create their own signature sounds – not to mention a fantastic tool to backup and manage patches and sequences. In tandem with the release of the ARGON-Series’ v2.6 firmware, MODALapp has also been updated to v2.7.6, catering for the 60 new waveforms and OSC2 Tune Mode control the new firmware update provides.

The ARGON Series are available in 3 models, each tailored to suit your workflow – the ARGON8 37-key variant, the ARGON8X 61-key variant and the ARGON8M desktop module.

Learn more about the ARGON Series here:

Learn more about MODALapp here:

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