Neve® 88M: Dual Mic Preamp and USB Audio Interface

Legendary Sound on your Desktop

Burnley, UK: Neve is delighted to announce the launch of the 88M, their first Dual Mic Preamp and USB Audio Interface, at the NAMM show 2022. Using the same transformer-balanced technology as Neve's flagship large-format 88RS, the 88M brings the legendary sound of AIR, Abbey Road and Capitol Studios into your home and portable studio setup.
Designed and manufactured in England by Neve Engineers, this robust front-end recording system is complemented with mastering-grade AD/DA conversion, producing world-class fidelity and premier studio musicality throughout.

Talking about the 88M, Chief Analogue Designer Robin Porter says, "During the development of the 88R, the significance of a precise and clinical preamp was not understated. We knew how important this was to engineers; to reduce the amount of time spent with external preamps. Audio engineers at scoring stages across the world immediately fell in love with the console and its preamps. We've developed the 88M as a faithful reproduction of the 88R preamp. It houses the same characteristics, enabling home studios and upcoming engineers to experience the clear and pristine sound quality found in the 88R".

Housed in a high-grade and robust shell, the USB-powered 88M has been designed with project studios, home studios and artists recording on location in mind. As with all Neve equipment, sound quality takes ultimate priority, and the 88M is no exception. Superior analogue and digital components are utilised at every stage, ensuring supreme quality throughout the entire signal path. Serious artists can spend a small fortune on musical instruments and microphones, only to record them through low-quality audio interfaces. The 88M is designed to remedy this problem. Integrating the 88M audio interface into your home studio places you amongst an elite group of audio professionals.

The 88M at a glance:

  • Portable dual mic preamp & USB audio interface
  • Powered by 88R console technology
  • Record and monitor on the go
  • Plug and play connectivity
  • Professional grade conversion

The 88M is now available to ship; please visit to order yours today.

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