Paris, October 6th, 2022 - UVI releases Falcon 2.8, an exciting and powerful addition to UVI’s flagship hybrid instrument. The update features the all-new Texture oscillator, 7 new effects including the pitch-shifting Shifter and Harmonizer, the expanded Dual Delay X, Diffuse Delay, Velvet Delay, Granulizer, and the vintage-inspired Feedback Compressor, a collection of new scripts including Chip Arp, Ostinato Arp, Waterfall, Slicer Remixer, Strum Wheel, and Tape Mod, 100 new presets in the new “Organic Texture” category, and enhancements to the Multi Envelope modulator, allowing the extrapolation of brightness, transient, and pitch envelopes from audio files to use as a modulation source. Falcon 2.8 is available immediately for all users of Falcon through the UVI Portal desktop app, or at uvi.net.

Chief among the updates is the all-new Texture oscillator, a two-channel texture and noise generator that lets users easily create complex and evolving sounds, with pitch, blending, filtering and more. Falcon 2.8 features a powerful assortment of new effects including the new Shifter and Harmonizer pitch-shifting effects, a new Granulizer effect, enhanced Dual Delay X now with dispersion, diffusion, digital grit, and tape saturation, the all-new Diffuse Delay and Velvet Delay, novel delay lines ideal for morphing sounds into lush ambience, and a new take on vintage compressor designs with the featured Feedback Compressor.

Falcon 2.8 also includes a selection of all-new sequencers and scripts, including the Chip Arp for creating video game-inspired arpeggios, Ostinato Arp, a 4-part evolving pattern generator, Waterfall arp, Slice Remixer, a featured interface for the Slice oscillator allowing slice sequencing and randomization, Strum Wheel, a performance utility that lets you strum notes with MIDI CC, and Tape Mod, for adding lo-fi vibes with wow and flutter.

Falcon represents the pinnacle of hybrid instrument design, with unrestricted use and layering of oscillators, effects, modulation generators and event processors for nearly unlimited sound design potential. Falcon offers native 64-bit operation in stand-alone and plug-in formats, supports surround setups up to 10.2 channels, is compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered soundbanks, and provides simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys


Falcon 2.8 is a free update for existing users, and is available immediately through UVI Portal. Falcon and 2 free Falcon Expansions are available at the reduced price of $244 / 244€ through October 17th, 2022 (regularly $427 / 427€). The discount is applied automatically when users add Falcon and 2 Falcon Expansions to their cart.

Additional product information: uvi.net/falcon

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