THE WINERY DOGS Announce ‘Dog Years: Live In Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016’ And ‘Dog Years’ EP Due Out August 4

June 1, 2017 -- When a new band gets nothing but glowing live reviews right out of the gate for their first two albums, they must be doing something right.
THE WINERY DOGS--Richie Kotzen (vocals, guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), Mike Portnoy (drums)—have been mesmerizing live audiences at over 200 shows with their monstrous musicianship since they exploded onto the scene in 2013 with the release of their self-titled debut album. 
Now it’s time to show fans, old and new, what people have been saying about THE WINERY DOGS since their first worldwide tour launched in 2013. DOG YEARS: LIVE IN SANTIAGO & BEYOND 2013-2016, which will be available in both standard and deluxe editions, is a collection of live concert footage, music videos, and an EP of previously unreleased studio tracks, is due out August 4 on Loud & Proud Records. Pre-orders are available now on Amazon for the deluxe and standard editions. A trailer can be seen on the label’s official YouTube page.  
A standard two-disc edition of DOG YEARS: LIVE IN SANTIAGO & BEYOND 2013-2016 will be available which includes one Blu-Ray disc of the 100-minute concert, eight music videos from the band’s two albums, and the DOG YEARS EP on CD. A special edition five-disc package will consist of one Blu-Ray disc, one DVD of the live concert material and the eight music videos, the DOG YEARS EP on CD, as well as two CDs of the live concert audio.
This is not the band’s first foray into the special edition CD/DVD world.  In 2014, THE WINERY DOGS SPECIAL EDITION was released as a two-CD collection. Disc 1 is the standard album and Disc 2 is entitled UNLEASHED IN JAPAN 2013, comprised of 10 songs recorded live in Japan during their July ’13 tour, including “Criminal,” a track previously unavailable in the U.S., along with a 16-page booklet of live photos and lyrics.  UNLEASHED IN JAPAN 2013 is also available as a stand-alone digital album. DOG TREATS: THE WINERY DOGS DELUXE SPECIAL EDITION, a limited edition release, is available in a box resembling a box of dog treats, which includes the SPECIAL EDITION collection of music, a DVD featuring four music videos and interview footage, demos from the original recording sessions, a “studio diary” written by Mike Portnoy, as well as some unique merchandise unavailable elsewhere.
THE WINERY DOGS’ debut album was hailed as “ of the most intriguing releases of the year” by, and in a recent reader’s poll on Revolver magazine’s website, fans called it their “Album of the Week.” After it was originally released on July 23, 2013 on Loud & Proud Records, it debuted on Billboard’s “Top Alternative Albums” chart at #3, “Top Independent Albums” chart at #4, “Top Rock Albums” chart at #5, “Top Internet Albums” at #8 and “Top 200 Albums” chart at #27. 
The band celebrated a continuing HOT STREAK of first week album sales for their follow-up album released October 2, 2015 on Loud & Proud Records via RED (a division of Sony Music Entertainment) and in the rest of the world via earMUSIC. It was preceded by the first single, “Oblivion,” which quickly made its way onto the Top 30 of the Billboard “Mainstream Rock Tracks” chart.  A double vinyl edition of the new album was released November 13, 2015. The trio’s second critically-acclaimed album sold 30% more than their debut, landing them on various Billboard album charts including #2 on “Top Current Alternative Albums,” #5 on “Top Current Hard Music,” #5 on “Top Hard Music Albums,” #6 on “Top Current Rock Albums,” #6 on “Album Core / Genre Rock,” #15 on “Top Current Physical Albums,” #16 on “Top Current Albums,” and #30 on the “Top 200 Albums.” 
Here’s a sampling of some of the live rave reviews:
“A modern power trio mixing elements of classic Cream, the instrumental muscle of vintage Rush and the sheer power of Soundgarden...with a palette full of ballads, straight-ahead rockers and numbers with blues, soul and progressive nuances, the trio's versatility is formidable. This intangible combines with the band members' respective experience and virtuosic pedigree to form a musical blueprint that sets the Winery Dogs apart from their modern rock contemporaries.” – Timm McPhate,, 10/4/13
“All three are virtuoso players in their own right; together, they're a powerhouse....Bold power and intensity. Lots of depth. Balance. Everything a wine aficionado (or metalhead, for that matter) could hope for. Let's hope The Winery Dogs bottle more of their vintage rock.” -- Peter Chakerian, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 11/3/13
“Drums. Bass. Guitar. They are the essentials of rock and roll. And with the right musicians in control, you don’t need anything more... Despite this being their first tour, the classic rock tinged Winery Dogs come off as if they’ve been playing together for years.” – Alan Cox, Denver Post, 10/15/13
“It’s amazing how in concert the highly individual sound and styles of each member contributes to the band’s sonic big picture. Billy Sheehan’s superhuman inventiveness on bass, coupled with drummer Mike Portnoy’s explosive percussion created epic musical interplay with guitar slinger Richie Kotzen’s amazing bluesy vocals...this is what live music is supposed to be.” -- Ray Laracuente,, 10/23/15
Here’s the complete track listing of DOG YEARS: LIVE IN SANTIAGO & BEYOND 2013-2016:
1. Oblivion
2.  Captain Love
3.  We Are One
4.  Hot Streak
5. How Long
6.  Time Machine
7.  Empire
8.  Fire
9.  Think It Over
10.  Mike Portnoy Drum Solo
11.  The Other Side
12.  Billy Sheehan Bass Solo
13.  Ghost Town
14.  I’m No Angel
15.  Elevate
16.  Regret
17.  Desire
Time Machine
I’m No Angel
Captain Love
Hot Streak
1.  Criminal
2.  The Game
3.  Solid Ground
4.  Love Is Alive
5.  Moonage Daydream
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