Gruv Gear Introduces LYNK Pedalboard & Pedalboard Kapsule Case

Orange County, California (February 4th, 2020) Gruv Gear designer and manufacturer of innovative gear and world-class accessories for gigging musicians, is delighted to announce the LYNK Pedalboard and a new universal Pedalboard Kapsule Case.

Gruv Gear’s LYNK Pedalboard introduces a fresh new approach to the traditional guitar pedalboard. It is an ingenious modular system of ‘lynkable’ panels that allows guitar and bass players to optimize their pedalboard design and construction with click and play convenience. Gigging and traveling musicians can quickly and easily customize their pedalboard configuration to ensure they bring only what they need for each performance.

Each LYNK is a lightweight aluminium panel and measures a generous 12” wide x 17” deep, offered in single, double and triple board configurations. The ABS connectors that link each panel have threaded feet which allow users to adjust the surface to the perfect angle. There is also a wireless power option which keeps pedals and devices running from a few hours to a few days and also reduces cable clutter and trip hazards.

With LYNK, guitarists and bassists no longer need multiple pedalboard setups or to constantly re-wire their boards. They would instead arrange their core “essential” pedals on one board, additional effects on the next, and their full extended setup on the third. Minor signal chain adjustments may still be made, but with the convenience of keeping basic layouts intact.

Once constructed, the ideal way to transport a customized LYNK pedalboard is in the universal Pedalboard Kapsule Case. Made with the same rugged travel-ready construction and technology as the Kapsule for guitars and basses, the case features built-in TSA locks and the Global Recovery Tag system recognized by nearly 3000 airports worldwide. It is built with a polycarbonate / ABS shell lined with soft, yet tough fabrics to protect and cushion the LYNK and most pedalboards during transit. The latest Kapsule has Gruv Gear’s characteristic, comfortable retracting handles and unique snap-on wheels to make transportation easy and convenient. Also included is a handy accessory bag to store cables and pedals, multiple EVA foam blocks so the fit is spot on and a large front pocket for extra cables and music sheets.