Native Instruments releases PIANO COLORS in collaboration with Galaxy Instruments

The new release delivers an extraordinary library of grand piano sounds, with groundbreaking modulation controls.

Berlin, July 8, 2021– Native Instruments today released PIANO COLORS, the latest addition to their range of KONTAKT-based instruments, created in collaboration with Galaxy Instruments.

PIANO COLORS reimagines the sonic capabilities of a grand piano by combining a curated library of samples, recorded with a range of extended playing techniques, with truly state-of-the-art modulation features.

The extensive collection of source samples in PIANO COLORS were recorded using a variety of unorthodox tools and materials including mallets, drumsticks, rubber, screws, and multiple EBows. The resulting sounds were meticulously captured using the most sought-after equipment, and together comprise one of the most unique collections of grand piano articulations on the market.

The magic of PIANO COLORS lies in the way it allows this deep pool of unique sounds to be further sculpted and moulded with its innovative in-built modulation engines to create tones, patterns and pads that inspire new and unexpected musical ideas. Amongst these engines come Layers, an Arpeggiator, Noises, plus the return of the cutting-edge Particles, made famous by NOIRE, and now expanded with added functionality.

To demonstrate how PIANO COLORS can be used as a creative tool across multiple genres, we put Jared Hines, Kaan Bulak, Lisa Morgenstern, and Yaffra together in Berlin’s historic Theater im Delphi. The quartet produced a stunning performance that mixes jazz chords, classical orchestration, electroacoustic textures, and dancefloor energy to showcase the instrument’s rich versatility and creative power. You can watch the performance video and behind-the-scenes footage here.

In this walkthrough video you can watch Uli Baronowsky, creator of NOIRE and now PIANO COLORS, as he takes a look under the hood to run through some of the instrument’s key features:

EUR 199 / USD 199 / YEN 26800 / GBP 179 / AUD 299 / CAD 259 / CHF 209 / CNY 1599

PIANO COLORS is available from July 8, 2021 at the Native Instruments online shop, with a 25% discount until July 28, 2021.