More volume – but half the size: LEHLE MONO VOLUME S.

This new wear-free active volume pedal is not only smaller and lighter, but also louder. Equipped with the proven and evolving magnet sensor VCA technology of the other LEHLE VOLUME pedals, you control the volume of your instrument precisely. The high-end preamp with discrete Class-A input stage and a dynamic range of 120 dB brings every little sound nuance to life – your tone becomes touchable.

By means of using a little button you can recall presets with different boost stages up to +12 dB. The USB-C socket provides the functionality to calibrate, program and update the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S – by the way it sends MIDI data to your DAW or amp simulation of your choice. Compared to the LEHLE MONO VOLUME we were able to reduce the weight by 50 % and the size by 35 % – with the same rugged stability and yet more dynamic. It’s even 2 cm flatter, however the pedal range stays the same – just as comfortable and responsive as the larger models.

• Analogue signal path – digital control

• High-end preamp with discrete Class-A input stage
• 120 dB dynamic range thanks to 30 V technology
• Magnetic sensor technology, without mechanical wear
• Precise volume control from analogue VCA
• MIDI via USB
• Optimised size and weight

USA: MSRP $ 369.- / MAP $ 279.99
EU: MSRP 239.- € / Street 229.00 €
Delivery has already started.

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