Radial Engineering Launches Three Exciting New Audio Products at the 2024 NAMM Show

Anaheim, California, January 27, 2024 - Radial has announced three new products at NAMM this year, the Nuance Select Monitor Controller, Catapult Rack, and 220-240 versions of Radial Power 1 and 2

Radial Introduces New Nuance Select Premium Studio Monitor Controller

First, Radial introduces the Nuance Select, a premium studio monitor controller with ultra-low noise and a pristine signal path for seamless switching between two audio sources and two sets of powered speakers.

Featuring a large master level control, illuminated switches, two built-in headphone amplifiers, and large chrome level controls for the master and headphone outputs, the Nuance Select allows easy toggling between two sets of speakers.
Radial Nuance Select.jpgAn aux output is provided for connection to headphone amplifiers or other external devices.

Additionally, a subwoofer output can be activated when needed, along with Mono, Mute, and Dim switches for further control. Headphone outputs can be independently assigned to either set of stereo inputs for monitoring a cue mix when recording.

Radial Expands Cat 5 Audio Capabilities with New Catapult Rack Units

Radial also expands its Catapult line of analog audio over Cat 5 cable units with the new single rack-mounted Catapult TX and Catapult RX. Both the Catapult TX and Catapult RX offer 12 channels of audio over Cat 5 cable, essentially packing the equivalent of three of Radial’s Catapult 4-channel TX and RX boxes into a single rack space unit.
Catapult Rack RX 34L.jpgEach unit has 12 balanced connections, with three Cat 5 outputs ports available for sending audio. The Catapult Rack TX has 12 locking XLR female connectors, and six EtherCON locking RJ45 connectors (1 output and 1 thru for each set of four inputs). The Catapult Rack RX features 12 XLR male outputs along with the RJ45 connections.Both units are fully compatible with all Radial Catapult modules, including transformer isolated versions and Radials Catapult Mini 4-channel unit. Additionally, both offer reversible rack ears for mounting with either the XLR or the Cat 5 connections easily accessible. Locking Neutrik EtherCON ruggedized connectors are provided for secure connections that prevent accidental disconnects.
CataPult Rack TX Stacked.jpg

Radial Introduces 220-240V Versions of Power 1 and Power 2 Power Supply and Surge Suppressors

Last but not least, Radial announces 220-240V versions of its popular Power 1 and Power 2 power units, providing high-quality power supply and surge suppressor solutions for countries that operate on the 220-240 power grid, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and a host of other countries.
Power-1 220 34 Left2.jpgBoth units feature the same level of surge suppression as found in Radial’s 110V Power 1 and Power 2 units. Additionally, both units also feature made-in-the-USA high-quality MOVs that offer superior protection over other types of units.

Power 1 features three front panel and 10 rear panel IEC outlets for powering equipment, with front panel outlets always on. A USB charging port on the front panel is included with a protection circuit to prevent damage to connected devices.
Power-1 220 Stacked.jpgPower 2 features a slide-out LED tray with multiple color options available on the LED lights for viewing equipment in lower racks. Additional features include an always-on front panel outlet, 10 rear panel IEC outlets in two banks of five, a USB charging port on front panel, and a protection circuit to prevent damage to connected devices.Radial is online at www.radialeng.com.

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