Erica Synths Announces Live Electronic Music Festival: KONTAKTOR 2019

Riga, Latvia, February 19, 2019 — Live electronic music festival Kontaktor will return for its second edition on May 31, 2019, brought to you by Latvian synthesizer manufacturer Erica Synths. The festival will take place at a former cotton warehouse in the main building of the Riga Commercial Port. The performance program will include Detroit’s electro pioneers AUX 88, experimental electronics duo Emptyset and the aggressive techno punk T.Raumschmiere, among others.


The program will celebrate forward-pushing live electronic music — ranging from left-field techno, seminal electro, to nonconformist industrial, bizarre noise, adventurous dance music and everything in between. The second edition of KONTAKTOR aims to bring together music and artists — including global stars and the boldest local talents that we believe are making unique, performative and at times playful contributions to the current EDM scene, which is undergoing a dramatic shift in the way it is created and perceived. The program includes music that can and should be listened and danced to, but also experienced in a way that creates an adventure of utopian enjoyment of the participant — reminding us of the meaning and excitement of a rave culture.



This year, the festival will feature both legendary artists and music tech industry professionals alike, including people from (or formerly of) Teenage Engineering, Touel Skouarn, Bastl & Korg — each of whom will share their experiences within the educational activities of the program.

The main evening of the festival will take place in the Riga Commercial Port, which will open its doors to the general public for the very first time. The building is located nearby Riga's city center, in close proximity to the notorious Andrejsala and river Daugava. The second night of the festival will take place at the industrial and metal music club Melnā Piektdiena.

More information of the festival program and participants will be forthcoming.

Festival participants (so far) in alphabetical sequence:

Arma Agharta (Lithuania)
asterisk untitled (Latvia)
Banyek (Hungary)
Baseck & Felisha Ledesma as Cruel World II (USA) Br-Laser (Austria)
Coast2c (USA)
Echochorus (Latvia)
Emptyset (United Kingdom)
KODEK (Latvia)
Metapattern (Australia)
Multilux (Latvia)
Nene H. (Germany)
MonoB vs Noroe (France)
OGJ (Czech Republic)
SKD (Latvia)
Tatsuja Takahaši (Japan)
Tobiass Fon Hofstens (Sweden)
T.Raumscmiere (Germany)
Wickiss (Latvia)


Tatsuya Takahashi

Festival partners and supporters:
Erica Synths, Goethe Institut in Riga, FACT Magazine, T-Studio, Aristīds, Club Melnā Piektdiena

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