ddrum Extends Hardware Line with Mercury D-Bone Accessory Boom Arm

TAMPA, FL — ddrum’s Mercury D-Bone Accessory Boom Arm is optimally designed for adding an extra cymbal to a drum set without having to add a full cymbal stand. Available in short and long sizes, the D-Bone is the perfect extension to meet the challenges of a small footprint, or the demands of a complex cymbal array. Sturdy and highly functional, the D-Bone provides a versatile solution to mount almost any crash, ride, or effects cymbal to a setup, allowing players to optimize a compact space based on their needs and preferences.

Both the long and short versions of the Mercury D-Bone Accessory Boom Arm come as two-piece sets, and include a mounting arm and a boom arm. Each D-Bone features dual-tilters for optimal angling and lends itself to multiple mounting options. The D-Bone can be attached to a cymbal stand to create a double cymbal stand, or it can be attached to a tom stand to create a tom-cymbal combination. Four double-d, contoured wing nuts provide a stylish flair for adjustment at both tilting points, as well as at the bottom clamp and top wing nut. A pair of small cymbal felts are included.

While the D-Bone can fit any 12 mm size post, players can maximize its versatility by using other ddrum hardware. Using a combination of ddrum stands and boom arms, players can fit up to four instruments in one small placement.

ddrum’s Mercury D-Bone Accessory Boom Arm is a must-have accessory for gigging or studio drummers. It’s available at an affordable street price of $69.00.

Learn more and see a setup video at www.ddrum.com.

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