Jordan Rudess: Keyboard Wizardry on The Road Home

The latest solo release from keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess, The Road Home, is a progressive rock masterpiece that features Jordan and a collection of outstanding musicians reinterpreting some ‘70s era classic prog rock tunes from the likes of Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes, and ELP.

In the wake of Jordan’s new CD release, had the opportunity to meet up with Jordan over a casual cup of coffee during a brief visit home to New York in the midst of the European leg of Dream Theater’s Systematic Chaos world tour. Our discussion covered the musical direction chosen for his new CD, the guest contributions to the project, the ongoing evolution of Jordan’s keyboard setup, programming, and technical style.

Aside from Jordan Rudess’s undeniable excellence in keyboard performance and composition/orchestration, one could not help but notice the level of intelligence and knowledge he commands. Jordan was extremely forthcoming with us (as usual), sharing a vast amount of information. Though our schedule with Jordan was limited, we could have easily sat with him for hours or days in order to cover all that he has to share.

As with all project beginnings, Jordan opened up the conversation explaining how he came about deciding on the path of his new solo CD. The first decision was to decide on a direction – “Is it going to be a concept album, an instrumental album, what will be the musical style?” He explained, “The most important decision was based artistically on what I wanted to accomplish at this point in my career, what would feel right, what would best fit in relation to timing.” Other considerations included: What kind of record company will be supporting the project, and what is their marketing ability? As Jordan commented,

Everything needs to align and a decision needs to be made based on all of those factors.

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