Gretsch Introduces The Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum

(18th February 2021 – Ridgeland, South Carolina) Gretsch Drums considers it an honor to proudly introduce the Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum (GA5514-KC). When the company is fortunate enough to work with the drummer who has performed with a wide range of artists such as Steely Dan, Toto, Wayne Krantz, James Taylor, Tal Wilkenfeld, John Mayer, Sting, Chris Botti and many more…why wouldn’t Gretsch Drums want to develop a snare drum with him?

With a rhythmic expression behind the drum set that is so musical and so inspiring to many musicians across the globe, one key requirement that Carlock had for the drum was a wide range of sound applications to meet the varied demands of studio work. He has also always been an admirer of brass shell snare drums, especially those that have a more visually aged or fatigued look to them. So that’s where Gretsch Drums started.

The drum's foundation is a 5.5x14” 2mm Vintage Patina brass shell. To capture an “antique” look throughout the shell, a specialized aging compound was developed at the Gretsch factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina. The company then added Carlock’s preferred choice of the 20-strand snare wire to achieve the increased dynamics and pitch range he desired. Plus, he opted for a standard Permatone® drumhead rather than the Permatone® Control Sound to give his signature snare a more open sound.

Additional features include 45 degree bearing edges, 4mm die-cast hoops and Gretsch’s classic Lightning Throw-Off™. Each snare has an inside identification label specifying the year of production which is signed by Carlock himself.
Keith Carlock Commented: “This isn’t just another snare drum. It’s unique in so many ways. The ingredients and specifications that we came up with to create the look, the feel, and the sound are just incredible. You have to check this one out!” Check out Keith demonstrating his signature snare drum here:



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